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unspoken equestrian rule:
never cut the forelock

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Grandview Fox in Sox
My horse crush, he’s so gorgeous!

My baby has the same sire as him!





there looks to be a lot going on in his mouth… and does this count as a broken neck line? the neck looks a little higher than the poll

Yeah that’s a double bridle with a pelham and a snaffle, if I’m correct. It may be just a pelham, but it looks like two separate bits. But yeah, there’s a lot of foam and yes, that’s also a broken neckline. You’re getting a good eye, Kristina lol.

This is a double bridle.  It’s the required tack for grand prix dressage.  

Tack aside, it’s pretty shitty riding, and someone who should not have a double in their hands.


Jesus Charlotte! Get your shit together. Shit riders don’t deserve gold medals or world records. Da fuq you thinkin’?!
Eddie making light work of the triple bar at Camperdown Horse trials.
Go Eddie!
Might buy this photo :)
Eddie from this weekend. He was second after dressage, then moved into first after show jumping. Had a disappointing stop on Cross country and so we dropped to 10th. I think we need to change our whole training routine and approach to cross country. I wanted to move up to Pre Novice (EA105) but I still don’t have confidence in him to jump everything well enough just yet. Still not 100% right (on cross country) so I might just wait and have a few more starts in EA95 first. He’s a good little man, but we just need to do some more work together.