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I’m just going to continue my pity party. Competing against these riders tomorrow. And then there’s me.

16. September 2014


Megan Jones


Nat Davies


Amanda Ross


Katja Weimann


Wilhelm Enzinger


Wendy Schaeffer


And then there’s me and Eddie…


Bringing this golden post back… lel


so nice to see a rider at a big show pat her horse

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(via 500px / Zebra Foal by Brendon Cremer)
At the races today with this stunning young man
lusitanoqueen: I can't believe Australians actually get attacked my magpies in the spring. Like. That is terrible but also kind of funny tbh? Like I'm just imagining an apocalypse sceanario where a bunch of Australians are running around while everything's on fire being attacked by little birds.






Dude. It’s a serious problem, my primary school roped off magpie areas and we even had assemblies on staying safe around them (ice cream container on the head with zip ties or sticks poking out is the most common form of protection lol). 

And what you described is a typical Australian spring right there

"Like I’m just imagining an apocalypse sceanario where a bunch of Australians are running around while everything’s on fire being attacked by little birds."

did you mean reality in Australia

literally! don’t even get me started on plovers, those things are pure evil

Oh no plovers. Wing wings of spite and claws from the devil himself, those evil thing cause great suffering.

True story. My science teacher in yr 6 got attacked by a magpie while riding his bike, and fell off and shattered many bones and broke many ribs and couldn’t work for over a year.

Plovers. Those little bastards. They nest in my arena.


30 Day Coloring Challenge

> Day 8: Create a coloring with only two adjustment layers
Anonymous: do people seriously do the egg thing?? that is such and old wives tale... also-- for everyone reccomending it, have you ever RIDDEN A REAR? i would like to see you whip an egg out of your pocked and crack it on your horses head while it is straight up and down.......


For real though. I’ve never been on a rearing horse, but I can’t imagine there’s enough time to grab an egg and crack it on the horse before the rear is over..plus it’s just an overall dumb training technique and doesn’t fix the source of the rearing problem, whatever it may be

I think it’s supposed to make the horse think they’ve injured themselves (?), so next time they go to rear they’re worried they might get hurt.

I’ve never seen/heard of anyone actually doing it though


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